The Intersection of Clinicians, Patients, and the MedTech Marketplace

edCap Advisors’ commitment to building strategy for emerging medical devices, biotechnologies, and biologics spans over 20 years, having represented clients through more than 150 medical device mergers and venture investments.

While passion for the business side of the medical industry is crucial, true success also demands a focus on the human experience. We are authorities in the full spectrum of strategic, scientific, and financial strategies that drive the medical marketplace. We bring our clients to new levels of success by combining our experience in these areas with a deep understanding of diseases, treatments, standards of care, regulatory environment, and intellectual property.

Our clients, large private and public companies exclusively in the healthcare and medical technology industry, engage our expertise to assess and create strategic business opportunities. Working side-by-side with them, we produce solutions to maximize market potential through mergers & acquisitions, licensing agreements, strategic partnerships, and private equity/venture capital financing.