Beige Fat Cells Summary: What are Beige Fat Cells?

“Beige fat” is a new kind of energy-burning cell that is said to potentially be the newest phenomenon for remedying obesity and weight loss for adults. This innovative new fat cell is found underneath the skin along the spine and in the proximal area of the collarbone in deposits resembling the size of a pea. These beige fat cells are converted from white fat cells while exercising when muscles release a hormone called irisin. These beige cells then burn extra calories. It is speculated that these beige fat cells developed from shivering, which is categorized at a neuromuscular activity along with exercise.

Like brown fat, beige fat cells also have a plentiful amount of mitochondria and iron, giving them their darker color. Brown fat cells show high levels of UCP1, (a protein essential to mitochondria to generate heat and burn calories), where beige cells usually show lower levels of this protein. Beige cells are able to increase their level of this UCP1 protein, by releasing irisin or being exposed to the cold, making them just as effective as brown cells to burn calories.

Beige Fat cells are now going maintstream, thanks to recent coverage from ABC News:

Newly Identified 'Beige Fat' Cells Could Help Fight Obesity

Looking to slim down? Then beige is your color, at least as far as fat is concerned.

Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have isolated a new type of energy-burning cell known as "beige fat," which they say may have therapeutic potential for aiding weight loss and treating obesity in adults.

According to a new report published in the journal Cell, beige fat is scattered in pea-size deposits beneath the skin near the collarbone and along the spine. But rather than storing excess calories in the form of jiggly thighs and a jelly belly as blubbery-and-prolific white fat does, this type of fat is a calorie burner.

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