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The Art Show Was Just One Example of How We Support Creative Pursuits…

Last week, we hosted an art show in our office that attracted many of our clients, friends, families and Harvard Square neighbors.  Our post a few weeks back explained how we reached the decision to embark on the journey of transforming our workspace—surrounding ourselves with colorful and dynamic paintings.

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Obesity treatments aren’t working – what’s next? Part 2 of 3

As we noted in our recent post (Innovation on the way to treat obesity?), the medical community and the country as a whole has struggled to curb the seemingly rampant rise of obesity.  In short, treatment options have failed; surgical approaches often come up short as patients rebound to their original weight within a handful of years; and medications can put undue stress on the cardiovascular system, which limits weight loss efficacy.

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At MedCap Advisors, Our Interest in Innovation is Limitless

In our work at MedCap Advisors, we often evaluate innovative and creative discoveries that will lead to the development of groundbreaking products and devices. Because we sit at the intersection of clinicians, patients and the medtech marketplace, discovery and exploration are central to our firm.  

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Innovation on the way to treat obesity? Part 1 of 3

One of the most critical parts of our business is identifying areas of innovation that will have a major impact on the way we live – our health, our lifestyles, and our ability to improve the standard of care for patients across the world.

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Is Weight-Loss Surgery Worth It?

Heightened suicide risk after weight-loss surgery

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Quantum OPS at the Art of M&A Technology Reception

MedCap Advisors hosted the Art of M&A Technology Reception at AAOS 2013 and invited Quantum OPS to share their thoughts. Quantum OPS is one of MedCap's "Eleven Promising and Innovative Orthopaedic Companies."

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Are Anti-Obesity Drugs Safe or Effective?

Multiple anti-obesity drugs have been previously approved for anti-obesity treatment; however, these drugs have been withdrawn due to safety concerns. Amphetamine, Rimonabant and Sibutramine have lost their licenses due to concerns over increased risks of psychiatric disorders, non-fatal myocardial infarction or stroke. Few alternative drug treatments remain, with the remaining few, e.g. Orlistat, trading efficacy for safety.

Anti-Obesity Drugs: A Review about Their Effects and Safety

Read the full article: http://bit.ly/12giajw

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Will cost savings from conditions linked to obesity offset obesity surgery costs?

While the AMA’s recognition of obesity as a disease does not have the power to force insurers to cover treatment or medication for obesity, it can increase pressure on them to cover preventive treatments, e.g. bariatric bypass surgeries. Currently, a great deal of insurers have plans that specifically exclude obesity and severe obesity treatment. The AMA’s decision is an effort to force insurance companies to treat the condition at an earlier stage by allowing medical providers to be able to afford the time required to educate patients on obesity.

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