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Beige Fat Cells Summary: What are Beige Fat Cells?

“Beige fat” is a new kind of energy-burning cell that is said to potentially be the newest phenomenon for remedying obesity and weight loss for adults. This innovative new fat cell is found underneath the skin along the spine and in the proximal area of the collarbone in deposits resembling the size of a pea. These beige fat cells are converted from white fat cells while exercising when muscles release a hormone called irisin. These beige cells then burn extra calories.

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MPO Summit 2013 Comes to Utah

MPO Summit 2013 Comes to Utah

In 2005, in Princeton, New Jersey, Medical Product Outsourcing magazine held their first conference for the medical device industry. They brought industry representatives and key executives together to discuss industry trends, solve critical problems and network with other industry leaders.

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MedCap Advisors would like to Welcome Aboard the 2013 Interns!

MedCap Advisors would like to Welcome Aboard the 2013 Interns!This summer, MedCap Advisors is welcoming our new interns -- a talented group of young scholars from some of the country’s most prestigious universities and colleges.  We’re fortunate to have some of the best and brightest students assisting us with projects and adding value to our company culture.

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Top Ten Reasons to Choose MedCap

When we hosted the Technology Reception at the 2013 AAOS Conference, we took that opportunity to share with our guests the top ten reasons to choose MedCap Advisors to help them with their medical technology business.

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How to fill the capital void where venture capitalists once existed

How to fill the capital void where venture capitalists once existed.This article by April Dembosky of Financial Times is spot on. The combination of the medical tax, complicated reimbursement schemes, and FDA uncertainty has created a capital void where venture capitalists once existed.

What is the solution? First, change policy. Second, entrepreneurs will need to look to angels, family offices, foreign sources, and strategics for funding.

...or just hire us to help.

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